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Metal Interiors,


Beautiful decorative customized metal panels in aluminum and steel available in an assortment of finishes. Accompanied by the Snowsound acoustic materials, the metal panels add beauty and vibrancy to your environment as well as provide practical functionality to reduce noise and reverberation.


1. Patterns & Panels: A wide range of customizable panel patterns designed to aesthetically enhance any space it occupies suitable for your residential or commercial development.
2. Shapes & Finishes: Unique shapes with a wide variety of finishes to suit your needs and withstand the harshest environments.
3. Sizes: An assortment of customizable sizes as per your requirements to fit your facility internally and externally.


A new patented technology based on the usage of panels composed of a material with variable density, which achieve selective absorption at different frequencies and thus optimize the acoustical environment notwithstanding the thinness of the panels.


1. 100% Sound Absorbing: The entire surface functions as an acoustic correction
2. Greenguard Gold Certification: Low emitting products that have been screened for over 10,000 chemicals and do not emit high levels of chemical pollutants.
3. Eco-Friendly: The panels are made with 100% recyclable polyester
4. Hygiene & Maintenance: Easy to clean with appropriate detergents and does not accumulate dust, pollen or subjected to insect infestation.


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