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ECC and Prime Metal Industries deliver Happiness Street Car Park at Dubai World Trade Centre

Project completed in partnership with McLaren Construction and Prime Metal Industries, an associated company of ECC Group

UAE-based, Engineering Contracting Company Group (ECC), in partnership with McLaren Construction, a UK-based company with operations in the UAE, have announced the successful delivery of their latest project - the Happiness Street Car Park at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

The car park which was completed in October 2018 and has been successfully operational since, features a rooftop helipad. It has the capacity to support 1,551 solar panels for power generation and can hold nearly 2,600 vehicles, supporting over 3.3 million visitors who come to the venue every year.

Kareem Farah, CEO of ECC commented: “As one of the most diverse and long-standing contracting companies in the UAE, we continuously look to play an essential role in projects that boost the country’s infrastructure, to which DWTC is a significant contributor. Despite projects having their own physical challenges, we are proud to report that the Happiness Street car park was delivered with over 3 million hours of safe work without injury for ECC, PMI and McLaren. This is a testament to the diligence of our workforce and the standards of training implemented by top-level personnel.”

McLaren Construction and ECC have partnered on several developments over the years. ECC has a strong track record of delivering projects on time with cost-effective results. Primarily due to the Group’s supply chain, ECC has established a reputation for its proficiency in harmoniously bringing together numerous construction entities to ensure clarity and the right level of capability in each development.

Structural and other steelworks for the project were delivered by ECC Group’s associated company, Prime Metal industries (PMI). Tarek Iskandarani, General Manager, PMI said: “For the Happiness Street Car Park, PMI utilized 690 tons of steel, with a total of 7,890 sq. m. of structural and nonstructural steel works delivered. Aside from the helipad, solar, and shaded structure on the rooftop, there is also a link bridge that connects the parking facility to the venue, ensuring a safe, covered pedestrian walkway for visitors to the DWTC. This entire project was achieved using the highest level of value engineering for impeccable cost control throughout every phase of the project.”

PMI has worked on several landmark projects across the UAE, most recently the Dubai Frame which is a key addition to the city’s skyline.


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